The Ambulance Service College provides training in pre-hospital care to improve patient survivability. If there is a delay or a break in the chain of survival (as shown above), then the chances of the patient not surviving or having long term disability is high. We recognise that the key to survival is providing the most up-to-date treatment in the first few minutes of a serious medical or trauma condition.

    A key part of survivability is a partnership between the ambulance service and those first on scene, to provide simple patient treatments that are then continued when the ambulance service arrives. As part of improving patient survival we offer our pre-hospital experience to health care professionals and members of the public, so that our real-life experiences can be passed on to help others.

    We also participate in pushing the boundaries of pre-hospital care through training and research. Currently our staff are taking part in higher degrees, such as critical care and conducting research into; advanced life support, critical care practice development, advanced ECG etc. Our staff also hold/have held membership of professional medical and research bodies, such as European Resuscitation Council, British Trauma Society, Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (Royal College of Surgeons - Edinburgh) etc to strengthen and further pre-hospital patient survivability.

    Our revenue is used to improve patient survivability by training, research, equipment or treatment.

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We are currently running first aid courses in Hornchurch, for individual places-:

Emergency Paediatric First Aid (1 day)

Saturday 27 March 2021

Paediatric First Aid Course (2 days)

Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 March 2021

Emergency First Aid at Work Course (1 day)

Saturday 27 March 2021

First Aid at Work Course (3 days)

    Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 & Exam Day (to be arranged) March 2021

Dates may be mixed and courses can be upgraded

TIME 0930–1630, VENUE – Fledgelings Day Nursery, 103 Suttons Lane, Hornchurch, RM12 6RR